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A community that cultivates entrepreneurs in their first steps of immersing into the world of entrepreneurship! The community opens the door to innovation and encourages the development of exceptionally innovative ideas from identifying a business idea and building a team, to creating a new venture. Tech7 Starter is for everyone, no matter if you are an entrepreneurship enthusiast or new to the game!


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Launcher' by Tech7Starter in collaboration with the Negev Development Authority,

Aimed for early-stage startups with technological ventures.

Open for Startups at their pre-seed stage and want to accelerate their venture!

Our Blog

Once a month you are invited to read our blog that appeals to every young entrepreneur at the first steps and for those who want to hear about the entrepreneurial world and see what it's like!
 Read about the day to day entrepreneur's life, life hacks, and one-of-a-kind stories.
Plus, it's a great way to keep up with all Tech7 activity!


Tech7Starter offers meetups on various topics such as product management, networking workshops and more in the world of innovation and entrepreneurship.

We urge anyone interested in learning about the entrepreneurial world and those who already know a bit and want to add to their toolbox, to attend various meetups that will improve their skills and add value to their next venture. It's a chance to meet new people in the community, reflect on your crazy ideas, connect with industry leaders and maybe even get to know your next venture partner!

Start Your Way

A 5-meeting program, featuring top experts from the industry and face to face encounters with real investors! Start Your Way will give you the basic tools you need in order to gain an initial road map for your venture , and will take you for a deep dive into the entrepreneurial world. 

So if you're ready to take your idea to the next level and want to know all about making it a reality, Tech7 Starter is here for you!

All About Product

Tech7Starter offers a product program!

It's our way to give young entrepreneurs a chance to manage their own product development! 

With an all-around cover of the Product Manager's life and key decisions made on a product life cycle-  To product design and user experience, all the way to find out how to make optimal use of data that are collected.