There's a Real Relationship Between User Experience and Entrepreneurship

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

It starts at the idea stage - when an entrepreneur thinks about the business plan, the market size, and how to market the product. But entrepreneurs often forget that visibility and product experience are essential. They can define whether your startup will be successful or not. Therefore, we have prepared a comprehensive guide to review the relationship between user experience and startup success.

What is UX design?

UX design includes all features of a digital product that users experience when communicating with it. Usability and user satisfaction are crucial elements of a positive user experience. Meaning, if users don’t feel enjoyment when operating an interface or if they have issues with making their goals achievable- your product has failed to match the user’s expectations.

What are the steps you should take to construct a working product with great UX?

1. Wireframing

Wireframing continues to be the best method to reflect data structures and put elements on the screen, helping to understand what the product will be like. Wireframing is best used to secure how your visual performance of your brand will be with present user models and their expectations.

Do the following steps in wireframing:

  • Create your startup screens

  • Create elements per screen

  • Allow for early testing of navigation and workflows

2. Prototyping

Prototyping is the method of constructing a useful future digital asset model like an app or a system. Your first users should be able to see the application running before the final implementation. Prototyping is worth more than several meetings.

3. Technical Characterization

  • Convert data into actionable design features

  • Conduct complete analysis

  • Specify the UX from both sides:

1. How will a user be affected by the planned website/application?

2. How easily can the site manager control the content management system

Why is UX here and what does it solve?

UX indicates user interaction with an application or system. Designing UX establishes the technique for how a product works and how it solves a user’s needs. An exceptional UX design is clear and user-friendly. The navigation is easy for both new visitors and returning users. A robust UX design should ease necessary actions and effortlessly lead a user through the process, no matter the platform. UX is not only about positioning various block layouts, but it is also about designing a better interface between the user and the product.

As described in this article, ignorance or knowledge of the UX world can mean the failure or success of a digital product that a startup is based on. So investing in a professional UX designer or studying the field for the product you are about to launch is crucial in order to match the expectations of your startup’s consumers.

About the writer:

Ido Yaakov is the CEO of

Omnis Digital Agency that produces UX projects from A to Z. Omnis accompanies entrepreneurs at the outset and startups who have become profitable.

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