Tech7 Mentors for Startups

For Who?



  • Advice startups and help making good decisions

  • Help startups establish strong foundations

  • Network with other dedicated and serious mentors

  • Become part of tech7 community


Our main goal in Tech7 is to help the southern ecosystem in the Negev to grow by providing contents and ***need some help here***. The startup scene is big, complicated and competitive, and is growing bigger, more complicated and more competitive each day. Every day startups raising money and fall and the fine line between success and failure seems to come down to who you know! The project connects southern startups to experienced mentors within their shared field. These relationships will benefit both the startups and the mentors participating;


Our Goal

Providing southern startups with mentors who can benefit and help them with the difficulties they encounter. With successful matches, we wish to create a community of mentors and startups that would leverage the southern ecosystem in the Negev.

Startups Requirements 

Mentors Requirements