Entrepreneurs at heart but haven’t found the right platform?

Got a brilliant idea but are missing the correct tools?

Starter is offering an acceleration program for students!

Tech7-Starter in collaboration with The Negev Development Authority is launching a new pre-accelerator program called Launcher!
The program accompanies entrepreneurs in their first steps of developing their promising ideas into ventures, providing tools and guidance in a variety of aspects regarding the development of the product and the business.


Launcher consists of 12 weekly sessions over a period of 3 months. Through lectures and workshops the teams are given the tools to develop their ventures; from KPI planning, to fundraising and pitching skills, branding and product development. Combining theoretical background and hands-on training allows the participants to fulfill their vision.

Furthermore, with the guidance of real industry mentors the participants are open to real network opportunities and meetings with potential investors.

At the end of the program, a Demo Day will take place where each startup will get the chance to personally pitch to investors, venture capital funds and potential partners, in order to link the participants’ startup to the outer world, on their way to success. Your journey to the innovation world starts with us!

Main Activities

Weekly Workshops

Launcher consists of 12 weekly sessions. Each one focuses on different aspects an entrepreneur needs in order to transform their idea into a startup. From understanding the problem your product is facing, through marketing and business plans, to building a real prototype demonstrating the product- each workshop will be delivered by a professional specialist in that field.

Workspace with Professional Mentors

On designated days, all teams will get the exclusive chance to get personalized help and advice from the exact kind of expert they need- such as Android developers, back-end, front-end, UX\UI, business development and more.

“Board Meetings”

A major part of an entrepreneurs journey depends on the venture being on the right track and crucial decision making. In order to strengthen this, the teams will have several  board meetings ,where the teams will have the chance to present their venture and receive real criticism and validation from experienced entrepreneurs who will grant them with insights and advice. 




Each venture is matched with a consultant for a few hours each month, providing the participants with mentoring and advice on a tactic and micro level.

Various Services

Aside from the program itself, participants are granted use of several services in order to leverage their venture and enable them to get to the point of having a prototype, business plan and readiness to pitch to angels and potential investors including:

  • 24\7 hour workspace

  • Cloud services

  • Graphic design

  • Legal Advice

  • Online Business Plan Platform


Opening The Door To Innovation


The Problem And The Validation

Teamwork and KPI's

Market Research


Prototype Design

The Business Plan

Sprint Methodology

Branding and Marketing

Fundraising and Networking

Investor Pitch

Demo Day Event

Extra Events

  • Startup tour in the Gav-Yam Negev High-Tech Park

  • Fun icebreaker Activities