Behind the Scenes of 21st Century Cybercrime with Cybereason

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Cybercrime is equally fascinating and frightening and mostly- it is on the rise!

Ever wondered what a real cyber-attack looks like? Let us take you to a journey behind the scenes of 21st century cybercrime with Cybereason

What does a ransomware attack look like and what is the immediate response?

How can you keep up with hackers?

How do the biggest corporations in the world protect themselves?

Which organizations are most at risk for targeted ransomware attacks?

In this webinar we hosted Noa Pinkas, Product Owner in #Cybereason and Yossi Rachman, Director of Security Research at #Cybereason, for a real-cyber-talk!

Couldn't make it? No problem! We've got you covered.

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Fundraising Tactics From Investing In 40+ Startups In 3 Years (Online Event)


Tech7 and Fusion LA founder Guy Katsovich are happy to invite entrepreneurs to a special online lecture on fundraising tactics:

We will have an inside look on the importance of understanding the investor point-of-view, framework and strategies. We will discuss the current sentiment during these uncertain and unpredictable time of the Coronavirus outbreak.

The meetup will be hosted by Guy Katsovich, Founding Partner of Fusion LA - a Los Angeles-based accelerator for Israeli startups. Every 6 months 6-9 promising startup teams go through Fusion LA’s intensive go-to-market and mentorship-driven program.

Couldn't make it? No problem! We've got you covered.

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Creating a global network of entrepreneurs

Creating a global network of entrepreneurs