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Cyber7 Community

Promoting cyber security in the Negev

The city of Be'er Sheva represents a unique ecosystem in which Cyber corporate companies, Cyber bureaus, the military and academia come together to create an unrivaled offering, unique enough in its proposition to draw in cyber entrepreneurs at first locally, then nationally and eventually globally. The local Cyber expertise is devoted to creating strong, sustainable companies and sending them off as successful ambassadors of Be'er-Sheva's cyber scene. The Cyber7 Community connects cyber entrepreneurs, cyber startups and cyber corporate companies through conferences, meet-ups, the Cyber7 Startup Accelerator program, venture capitals and international programs.

Everything Cyber

Cyber7 Startup Accelerator

Cyber7 The development of Beer-Sheva's Tech Ecosystem calls for a new startup accelerator, the likes of which, unseen before in the Negev. The Cyber7 accelerator utilizes local Cyber expertise devoted to creating strong, sustainable companies, and taking them from the seed stage all the way to successful ambassadors of Beer-Sheva's cyber scene.


SilicoNegev, in collaboration with Tech7, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, MATA foundation, and the Be’er-Sheva Municipality, is the greatest convention and startup competition in the Negev, promoting tech entrepreneurship and business opportunities in a one of a kind innovation festival!

The SilicoNegev startup competition gives cyber startups the platform to pitch their innovative solution, idea or technology to a captivated audience of industry professionals and revered investors. The grand prize: 500,000 ILS investment from the MATA Foundation.

Meetups & Professional Content

We offer Negev cyber entrepreneurs exclusive events and access to networking, mentoring, VC's, courses, fellow startups and more.

Ruhr Israel Cyber Activator

The Ruhr-Israel Cyber Activator is a unique promoting open innovation through tailored solutions to the challenges  facing established companies in the Ruhr Metropolis. Companies from the Ruhr Metropolis present actual cyber challenges for the teams –  comprising German and Israeli students from the field of IT-security. The challenges come from companies in  areas such as healthcare / medtech, media, smart city, logistics or Industry 4.0.







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