Each venture is matched with a consultant for a few hours each month, providing the participants with mentoring and advice on a tactic and micro level.


Mentors and expert speakers develop the participants abilities in marketing, speaking in front of an audience, pitching and more.


Combining theoretical background and hands-on training, the seminars are a main factor in fulfilling the participants vision. For example, creating a business plan , choosing a business model canvas, marketing plans and more.



  • Business Canvas Model
  • Venture presentations
  • Core concepts
  • Building and creating a startup

Market research, the idea and its components

  • Value Proposition
  • Costumer Segmantation
  • validation

Product definition and developing a prototype

  • Building an MVP
  • Adapting the product to fit the market the clients, and the problem it is solving
  • Developing a prototype

An introduction to the world of design and user experience - UI, UX

  • The importance of user experience
  • Understanding the user
  • Case Studies- Successful design

Raising Funds

  • Round Tables with experts," Speed Dating” style

Legal Aspects

  • Conduct around lawyers
  • Founder contracts and partner agreements
  • The legal side of fund- raising
  • Intellectual proporty and patents
  • Confidentiality agreements

Marketing Strategies and Digital Marketing

  • Creating a marketing plan
  • Working on a minimal budget
  • Social media marketing
  • Marketing Channels

Financial Tools for Startups

  • Creating a finance plan
  • Basic concepts in the finance world
  • Cash flow

Fundraising Strategies

  • Funding sources
  • Pitching to investors
  • Creating a fundraising strategy
  • "Do’s and Don’ts” in fundraising

Pitch Workshop

  • Creating a winning presentation
  • Pitching to clients
  • Body language and stage presence
  • Tools for delivering the right message


Demo Day

  • Meeting with venture capital funds and investors

  • Final presentation

Extra Events

  • Startup tour in the Gav-Yam Negev High-Tech Park

  • Fun icebreaker Activities



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