We Are

A community led by Tech7 Starter made specifically for the upcoming entrepreneur and is dedicated to make Be'er Sheva and the Negev a home for technology-based ventures and enterprises.

A unique group of people who wish to learn more and be a part of the evolving ecosystem 


You Are

Capable, willing and motivated . Committed to our cause and seek to make a real difference.

You possess a technological orientation, are eager to learn and love making new connections.

 You are a team player, a curious and creative indivudal with skills that might be just what the group needs.

You Get

 The opportunity to mingle with industry experts, and each other. We believe we can learn so much from experiences we share and the valuable connections we make. Also, you get an inside look at the top tech companies who chose to build the Negev, exclusive workshops, lectures and the greatest of them all- networking!

Fill out our application to join
Fill out our application to join

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