All About Product

is a 3 part lecture series 

It's our way to give young entrepreneurs a chance to manage their own product development! 

With an all around cover of the Product Manager's life and key decisions made on a product life cycle-  To product design and user experience, all the way to finding out how to make optimal use of data that's collected.

Who said you have to leave home to manage your product?


In these troubled times sourced by the COVID-19 pandemic, our community is working every day to keep the young, Negev-based startups running forward by maintaining a "keep on moving" attitude no matter what challenges we face!

 We owe it to them to provide the necessary tools for a successful startup. We have chosen to see social distancing as an opportunity to take a step back and refine our ventures . The pause in everyday life should be looked at as a chance to break in our innovative spirit and put our productive minds to work!


Our All About Product series is brought to you by the top experts and professionals via ZOOM. It's your path to getting your startup back on track!

Couldn't make it? No problem! We've got you covered.

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1. Intro To Product Managing

Learn from a real-life product manager what is and what isn't product management and the key factors to consider while building your product. We will learn about the product life cycle and the different methods to keep it growing. Join our online meeting so you don’t need to leave your room to learn how to manage your product!

2. Data- Driven

Every product manager needs a north star.

You will learn how to identify,

measure and improve your Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) and make sure your

products support your business goals.

3. Product Design: UX

It’s about the entire process of creating usable products and experiences, starting by defining real people’s problems and thinking about possible solutions, eventually leading to the best design.


\\ About The Experts \\

Headshot-Noa Green Product UX.jpg

Noa Green


Noa Green has been leading digital products for 15 years and is now VP of Product for DayTwo. 

Most of her career has revolved around bringing new products to market and growing them. Originally starting out in hardware products, Noa has shifted to mobile and SaaS products , focusing on B2C and B2B2C models.

In her recent roles she's taken part in designing dozens of complex products and many user\market research efforts. Her team at DayTwo drives strategic product decisions for a mature healthcare startup - adjusting to a new market, building features to serve different user needs, and endlessly measuring everything they built.


Ran Erez


During his 6 years of experience as a Product Manager at ELTA, ACE Labs (Verint) and Taboola, Ran had defined and launched multiple products in the cyber and internet domains. Currently, Ran is managing a product which provides a personalized news experience to the world. In addition to his PM work, Ran is mentoring aspiring product managers on their quest to land their first job through his Facebook community called ‘Becoming Product Managers’ which had grown to over 2K members in under 3 months. Ran holds a B.Sc in Computer Science and Economics from Tel Aviv University

הדס הרוש.jpg

Hadas Harush

Product Manager Data Science at the ML center of, Tel-Aviv.
Hadas has previously worked in global tech and eCommerce companies such as ebay and HP in different data and product management roles. At she is able to combine her 3 passions - product management, data science and the travel industry.

Hadas holds an M.Sc. in Information System Engineering with focus on Data Mining and BI from BGU and a B.Sc in Industrial Engineering and Management from Tel Aviv University.