about us


Tech7 is the Ecosystem Catalyst of Be'er-Sheva metropolitan and the Negev region.

This non-profit, founded in 2015, aspires to cultivate a global top tier innovation ecosystem headquartered in Be'er-Sheva. 

The purpose of it's existence is to nurse regional social and economic growth via building local attractivity for startups and other high-tech companies.

The organization carries out its mission by assuming an overview position, analysing the different stake holder's actions and interests, and eliciting, encouraging or otherwise influencing their activites, for the overall benefit of the system, while sometimes facilitating collaboration as a 3rd party.


Most of the organization's work is creating and operating programs and events designed to either educate teens, young adults, and startup founders about tech entrepreneurship or creating accessible tech culture.



Connecting the Major Ecosystem Players in the Negev

An entrepreneurship and technology community for start-ups, aimed to unify the tech and start-up scene that is rapidly growing in the Negev. activities include events with a broad range of related content, serving as a cross-sectoral platform for community members.

Breaking Down Barriers Between Teenagers and Hi-Tech

A community for the youth, arising from both the challenges and opportunities of the Negev region. We connect between youth and the hi-tech industry, companies and the figures and people involved in it, in order to provide tools and to promote a strong bond with to the technological and entrepreneurship field in the Negev.


Turning Ideas Into Ventures

A community that cultivates entrepreneurs in their first steps of immersing into the world of entrepreneurship! The community opens the door to innovation and encourages the development of exceptionally innovative ideas from identifying a business idea and building a team, to creating a new venture. Tech7 Starter is for everyone, no matter if you are an entrepreneurship enthusiast or new to the game!


Creating a global network of entrepreneurs

Creating a global network of entrepreneurs